Expert center for eurasian development
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Russia and the Central Asian countries offer your business dynamic growth opportunities. At the same time, market and political risks are making strategic investments more complex. 

Our company, the Expert Center for Eurasian Development, is made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds with a deep analytical understanding of political and economic processes in Russia, Central Asia and the broader post-Soviet space. 

We are producing a free weekly digest of the most important developments in Central Asia and offer an exclusive in-depth monthly analysis of trends and developments in the Caspian Sea Region.

What we can do for your company:
  • We assess political and economic risk in our target regions

  • We monitor trends and developments in political and economic systems 

  • We provide early-warning mechanisms to respond to rapidly shifting circumstances

  • We conduct market analyses

  • We connect you with key multipliers and gatekeepers on the ground to help you advance your projects

Contact us to find out how to improve and safeguard your operations all over Eurasia! 

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